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TBC7 has moved to our new host.

We are please to see that the world is calming down and things are slowly going back to normal. Access to 9mm ammunition is here on limited basis, prices for a box of 50 is still hovering around $35.00. As far as anything else, there are a few Semi Auto Pistols popping up with a slightly higher retail cost (Don't shoot us, it is the suppliers fault.)


 The Ballistics Center LLC, if you need something specific email me. Our site may be back up after the first of 2022 at which time I am hoping we can launch our new suppressors.

We will assist you in securing a firearm if you like but know it could take months to get. Email me, Jim Lucore Manager of The Ballistics Center with your requests. Please do not ask if any semi-autos are in stock as the answer is no, everything must be pre-ordered.

manager@tbc7.com - I updated this site on September 1, 2021