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TBC Challenge! Bring us your best offer from any other legitimate dealer (Yes we need it in writing on their letter head), if we have it available we will beat the other guys price! If not we will bow or heads in shame and offer you a parting gift. Email your offer to us here. I forgot to mention that this deal is good for pre-order items too! In short any item out of stock with us, we will still offer you the deal when it comes in. Jim Lucore, Manager. The Ballistics Center.


ROSSI has issued a major notice SAFETY NOTICE on certain pistols, check this link and have your serial number handy! https://www.rossisafetynotice.com

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TBC is a Type 7, Class 2 SOT/NFA Federal Firearms Dealer and Manufacturer. We sell Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns. Our site is for those who are looking for great deals on Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories.