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TBC7 has moved to our new host.

Sorry to disappoint but we have sold all of our ammo for now. However, we do get cases from time to time and will be happy to notify you when some comes in. Prices for 9mm have gone up, you will now be paying $45.00 for a box of 50 regardless of the grain. Email us to be put on the waiting list.


 The Ballistics Center LLC will be rebuilding our site in a few more weeks. Firearms are still at an all time low avilability with many orders still unfilled from February. Our supplier receives products on a daily basis but they are out the door the same day.

We will assist you in securing a firearm if you like but know it could take months to get. Email me, Jim Lucore Manager of The Ballistics Center with your requests. Please do not ask if any semi-autos are in stock as the answer is no, everything must be pre-ordered.



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