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2020 Elections are looking to be very stressful to the firearms lovers of these United States. With talk of federal bans on all tacticle style firearms and bans on magazines, what do you do? Simple answer is get out and vote and the other answer is buy everything you can!!!

Please Read The Following.

Our pricing schedule is simple. Prices shown reflect the MSRP or the MAP-Manufactures Advertised Price, we are selling below these price but we are NOT advertising the price to the public. ASK US ABOUT YOUR PRICE AND AVAILABILITY, PLEASE!
Firearms under $350.00 are marketed up 13% plus a Credit Card fee of 3%, Firearms over $351.00 are Marked up 10% plus 3% Credit Card fee. Shipping is charged separate based on where it’s going and how fast you want it, WE/I suggest you use the standard ground shipping (about $17.00 best guess), it’s a little longer but it still gets there. FIREARMS MUST BE SHIPPED TO AN ACTIVELY, LICENSED FFL, we can help find one near you if you do not know of one. Virginia Residents you are always welcome to pick yours up personally if you are willing to drive to Northern Virginia, details will be provide after your purchase.

Last item, as much as it pains me to say Accessories for Firearms are proving to be a real pain in the butt to get. These items are often times out of stock for a very long time, we have ZERO pull with these manufactures so your guess is as good as ours as to when it will be available.

One more item of importance! We do not keep everything we advertise in-stock at our location, 99% of all products come directly from our suppliers, this is why we can sell at what we hope is a lower price to you.

Thank you, Jim Lucore Manager.

This is a little overlooked subject from the NRA that is very important and chances are many of you are not completely aware of. So I share with you this link to the NRA and some of the Good information that they bring out https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/state-gun-laws/ visit it and read. It covers your State and something every gun owner should be aware of.