About Us

It is now 2020

So I am writing this to see how many people actually read further then the front page of a web site. As I mentioned I am looking for LAND LAND and LAND. I have plans for something really big and without millions of extra cash laying around I wish to strike a deal with one or more landowners. I am a very generous when people help me out with things, and if I come across the right landowner it could mean a nice Thank You from me personally (Think Silver Pigeon). I am looking for 300 acres or more in Virginia.

Cheers, Jim Lucore

The Ballistics Center LLC was started in October 2014 by me Jim Lucore. I opened the business in an effort to try and combat the high prices of many firearms that I felt did not warrant a high mark up on their prices to you the consumer. ( We are registered and current with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, our FFL is current with the BATF (1-54-XXX-XX-XX-24129), we are registered with the Internal Revenue Service and operate from what is called a Catalog Sales License out of Prince William County Virginia, we are a home based business, for now.

It has worked for the most part that some people actually are interested in saving some money over the convenience of the impulse buy and I “Got to Have it Now” mind set. Since a firearm should not be a spur of the moment purchase we are focused on the educated consumer, this being the one that has a pretty good idea of what they want.

By teaming with several of the largest suppliers we are slowly building out product base to address those items that are often times over priced. TBC can sell them at a lower price because we do not pay for the physical storefront that is famous for the “Got to Have it Now” mind set, for those people you still have your local store.

The other reason I started this business was because of an injury I suffered while working for one of the 3 letter Government agencies and experienced a serious injury. Out of a need for mental stimulation I had to keep myself busy doing something so I started this company. I can say that it has had it’s moments when I just wanted to shut the entire thing down only to get an email from a client saying thank you would change my mind.

In short and you can believe this or not, I am not doing this for the money I am doing it because it is fun and I enjoy talking with people. So even if you do not want to buy something from here, feel free to send me an email and say hello if you wish.

Oh a note about why we do not publish our address until after a purchase is made: Because of the nature of our business and all the haters out there, I am trying to best keep my neighborhood quiet and free from all the idiots! I will tell you this the business is 90% online, 3% work from home and 7% is running my dogs.

Thank you, Jim Lucore, Manager The Ballistics Center LLC a Type 7 Class 2 FFL. Type 7 means we are listed as a manufacturer and the Class 2 is for Restricted SOT/NFA products. We are in Woodbridge Virginia and online TBC7.com email me with questions or just to say hello.

Our number is 703-380-4901 please call between the hours of 0900 to 1600 Eastern Time M-F. Thank you

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