Terms and Conditions

This site deals with Special Order, pre-Order and Allocated items. Special Oder is just that you are ordering something that we normally do not carry on a regular basis or is not stocked by our primary suppliers. Special Orders are prepaid in full.

Pre-Order items are things usually in stock but are currently Out Of Stock by both TBC and our suppliers at the time of your request, it can also apply to Allocated items. By Pre-Ordering you are guaranteed that once the item comes in it will be sold to you, in the case of an Allocated item it is best to pre-order as we only get a very limited number of these items for resale. If you miss it you have to wait until next time, if you pre-order an item but someone ordered it before you, you are entitled to a full refund upon asking. Refunds are often processed with 5 hours of being requested.

Allocated items are ones that can be part of the following, A new item being offered by a Manufacturer and is testing the market. It can also be a limited number are being made and that is it, no more until further notice. With Allocated items as well as any item we have two methods for purchasing, one is guaranteed the other is take your chances. As mentioned we provide a wish list option, you contact me and tell me you want something. If it is out of stock I place it on my suppliers wish list. If you pre-ordered it, it is shipped to me without delay once it is in. if you did not pre-order then I will make every attempt to contact you to see if you still want it. There is no guarantee of getting it unless I am able to get you to complete the transaction in a timely manner. Most Importantly a Allocated Item can often times mean that we will only get access to 1 (One) until the next batch is shipped!

Wish List, is not a guarantee it is just a strong possibility that we can get your item without pre-ordering!

All firearms orders conducted locally (Virginia) must be processed with the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System. We check everyone, regardless of who they work for! As a reminder all non-Virginia or Out Of State sales must be shipped to a Licensed Firearms Dealer near you. We can assist you in finding one if you wish. Most firearms are shipped within 24 hours unless they are ordered after 2pm Easter time Fridays, these orders will not be shipped until the following Monday

If you have questions, email me here!

The Ballistics Center LLC and TBC7.com reserves the right to refuse sale of any item on this site to anyone with or without cause. We are a Federally Licensed Firearms Manufacturer and Retailer registered in to do business in the State of Virginia and Woodbridge Virginia. We operate online primarily at HTTPS://TBC7.com and limited customer interaction at our Woodbridge VA office. We purchase firearms from manufactures and distributors located in these United States. We do not resell used firearms unless specifically noted in the product description and in the event we offer them for sale they are factory refurbished by the original manufacture unless noted.

We do not handle any servicing of any firearms or components unless we made them. In the event of any factory defect to your firearm once in your possession, you should report it directly to the manufacture. We strongly encourage you to fill out and return any Warranty Registration card that you received with your purchase.

All credit card purchases are charged at the time you have placed your order. It’s that are listed as currently out of stock and must be ordered, can be canceled prior to the item being shipped from either the manufacture or supplier without any penalty. A full refund will be issued after we have confirmed that the item has not shipped.

You agree never to try and charge-back a purchase made through us, by purchasing from The Ballistics Center LLC and TBC7.com you agree that you are of legal age and are the legal owner of the credit card used for any purchases. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes or any Package Handling Businesses. Your purchase and shipping address must be the same or your order will not be processed.

ALL FIREARMS that are purchased and are being shipped to you must be shipped directly to another Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) that you may select. The receiving FFL must be in your State, if you do not know of any we can assist you in locating one that will help you. Firearms purchased in Virginia may be picked up directly from us or you can request it to be shipped to a FFL near you. Receiving FFL must have an active and current license status as determined by the BATF. We will contact you prior to shipping your firearm to make arrangements for shipping.

It is your responsibility to know you State and Local Firearms Laws, if you have any questions regarding those laws we suggest you contact the NRA* for or Local/State Law Enforcement clarification . NRA* we have found that in some cases local Law Enforcement was not fully aware of local firearms laws. The NRA has been able to keep up to date on State laws regarding Firearms and Ammunition.

We reserve the right to amend, alter or change our Terms and Conditions at anytime, it is your responsibility to read them and agree to them if you wish to do business with us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Jim Lucore, Manager, The Ballistics Center LLC. Email me here

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