Testimonials and Pats on the Back

I bet you were expecting to see hundreds of happy comments from our customers, well I am sorry to say that you will never see those because we take your privacy serious! I know what you are thinking, if there are no comments then how can I decide to buy from you or not? Simple fact is this, we sell ALL of the exact same products that many Brick and Mortar business sell plus a thousand more they don’t. We will process your order and ship you purchase to wherever it needs to go (With Exception Required By Law). Lastly before we ship we, The Ballistics Center and Jim Lucore Manager (Me) will inspect it to make sure it is exactly what you are expecting BEFORE it is sent to you.

Now if there is ever a problem, all of our customers are given Jim Lucore’s phone direct number (Me again) to call and discuss your purchase. I have yet to receive a complaint regarding anything TBC has shipped. I do expect that one day I will get that unhappy customer but so far so good.

So again, why do I not post peoples experiences on the site? Simply because doing so would show everyone your name and whatever other information you posted. Not being paranoid, but being a gun owner is not something most people want make public. Thus we (I) respect your privacy by the best way possible, just don’t show it anywhere. Lastly, there have been a number of sites that would make up positive reviews just to drive sales, our thinking is this. If you are going to buy from us great if not I respect that and thank you for visiting the site anyway.

Cheers to all,

Jim Lucore, Manager. The Ballistics Center LLC