Your Privacy

In the simplest terms possible: We do not and will not sell, rent, lease, offer or leave laying around on our desk any of your information. In addition we will not spam the hell out of you with daily, weekly or monthly emails unless you want us to! We just do not have that much to yell about, sorry.

The only information that we will keep is your mailing information. Any financial information is held by the Credit Card Companies that process your payment. If we receive a subpoena from Law Enforcement requesting your information then we must provide it. I will not go to jail for you so please do not ask.

Let us help you get your Ammo!

There is strength in numbers when it comes to purchase power. This is why we are extending this offer, let us know how much and exactly what kind of ammunition you are looking for. From here we will use your voice to poke our suppliers and get what you need as quickly as we can. Please know this before you get all excited, manufacturers are running at full capacity but suppliers are running out in a very short period of time.

When I go to my suppliers with a big list they will take notice and work to try and fill it. So send me an email with the Brand, Weight, Caliber, Quantity and anything else that describes the ammunition you want. Once we have this information we will confirm with you and see what happens. Make sure you include your full name and phone number. Do not worry we will not spam you or give your information away!

Oh yes one important thing, this will not be a quick deal. Our suppliers are still filling orders from a few weeks ago and it is of no fault to them. The demand in the firearms industry has been a very big one recently.